About this blog

In this blog you’ll find information about the research work the ARCO group is involved in. You can browse through three different categories:

Our Vision: what our work is about

This section gathers ideas, concepts and applications on which our work is based, highlighting the problems we are focusing, the way we plan to face them and the related tools and applications we are developing. The description is somehow general, stressing the originality of the ideas behind our approach.

The implementation: getting right to the point

Here you’ll find our work’s inner technical details: you’ll understand the way we are carrying out our work, the programming issues and even the implementation of either some specific elements of our approach or some recipes to face integration problems and the adaptation of others’ technology.

Others’ work: what is going on out there

To carry out our work we need to know our colleagues’ work, so as to serve as touchstone against we can assess our progress and achievements. In this section you will be able to have some insights about the state-of-the-art of our research areas, with news and discussions about what other research groups are doing and how they are trying to solve similar problems.