Realizing the Lucas Kanade motion estimation algorithm on Xilinx ZC702 board for Full HD real-time video analysis

Eduardo Serrano ( and Jesús Barba (
School of Computer Science
University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
23/03/2018 (updated 04/10/2018)


The goal of this tutorial is to develop a video application on a Xilinx’s ZynQ SoC (System-on-Chip) that performs real-time processing of a Full HD video stream. The application chosen for this tutorial is the Lucas Kanade motion estimation algorithm, a well known optical flow analysis method in computer vision.

For this demo, the Digilent’s FMC-HDMI board has been used to feed the system with an Full HD input video stream at a rate of 60 fps. The ZC702 version of the Xilinx’s ZynQ SoC is responsible for the processing of the input video stream, comparing two consecutive frames, and displaying the result through the built-in HDMI output port.

This tutorial is the first of a series of publication aimed to provide the non-experience FPGA designer with the necessary background to develop computer vision applications using Xilinx’s FPGA technology.

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